Cooking Equipment for Cycle Touring

We have been camping all our lives and cycle touring for the last 12 years during which time we have visited 21 countries and cycled over 80,000 km. What cooking we do and what system we take with us depends very much on the country and the route we intend to cycle. We have tried a number of different sets of pans, different stoves, and different utensils. Continue reading Cooking Equipment for Cycle Touring

How to extend and add hoops to a bivvi bag

We bought a pair of Terra Nova Moonlite sleepingbag covers. I am 1 m 83 cm tall and on our first outing on Dartmoor found the bag much too short for me. It consequently felt a little claustrophobic. Be aware that these modifications will invalidate all warranties on the bags. Modification 1 Extending the bag by 20 cm. I bought some lightweight breathable waterproof material and woven nylon braid from Pennine Outdoor I cut the Moonlite straight across near the bottom. Carefully measured the circumference 10 mm above the cut and 10 mm below the cut. Then cut a … Continue reading How to extend and add hoops to a bivvi bag