Bernie and Sarah are based near the North Devon coast in the UK. We enjoy travelling slowly by bike through different parts of the world and meeting people from different cultures along the way. We started out as mountain bikers and as we went further afield it seemed natural to take some panniers and just keep peddling.

India 2012 B 414

We began touring by doing a lot of short 2 to 4 week tours in various parts of the world including Vietnam, High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, lots of different parts of France and Spain, East Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Kerala and Tamil Nadu in Southern India, New South Wales and Queensland in Australia and of course in the UK, Scotland, Wales, The Lake District and Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

In 2015 we went on a longer tour spending 3 months cycling The Great Divide along the Rockies from Banff in Canada to Silver City in New Mexico. We fund raised for charity during the trip raising £2644.21 for the humanitarian charity ShelterBox. If you would still like to donate you can click on the ShelterBox Charity tab on our links page as our Just Giving link is now closed.

In December 2016 and on into 2017 we started a new adventure in South America, hoping to get from Cartagena in Colombia down to Tierra del Fuego. That year we got as far Quito in Ecuador before my knees requested a break from the hills. So now, in 2018/19 we are making a new start from Santiago in Chile and heading south. We hope to come back and fill in the gaps another time.

I (Sarah) have to admit to having another passion and that is plants, and I have occasionally landed head first in the undergrowth while trying to photograph an interesting specimen while still peddling.

So although this blog is mainly about our cycle tours I will be tacking a plant photo section in somewhere or as my family know them “Just one more purple flower picture”.

I haven’t fallen off the bike taking plant photos yet, but it has been a near thing and I have cycled into a bush!P1080279

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  1. Hi Bernie, my name is Andrés and I have seen your website as I am trying to put a rear rack on my surly moonlander and I can’t. Can you tell me which model you have installed on your moonlander bikes?
    Thanks a lot
    My email is info@thesilkonbike.com

    1. Andrès,

      I fitted Surlys own rear rack. I remember that because of the offset in the Moonlander rear frame I did have to bend the non chain side in a bit and the chain side out a bit to get it to fit. I did that by clamping the rack upside down to a work bench using a piece of wood. Then bending the two sides to fit. That keeps the rack platform parallel. Also you can probably see that I have tilted the rack back a little to get enough heal clearance from the Ortlieb panniers. 

      I have sent you some photos by email.

      Good luck