How to make a pair of lightweight gaiters

Cutting and sewing

We recently changed to using the Northwave Outcross GTX touring shoe which is waterproof (Gortex). We found using over shoes with them destroyed the waterproof functionality. We then found that when using the shoes with waterproof trousers. Water trickled off the trousers and in around the heel of the shoe filling them up. So I made these lightweight gaiters as the solution.

Finished gaiter

Making lightweight gaiters
I bought all the materials from Penine Outdoor

Material choice: silicone coated rip stop nylon.
To make 2 pairs of gaiters
1 m P2A silicone coated rip stop nylon (this is enough to make more than 2 pairs
1 m touch and close fastener (velcro)
2 m woven elastic 8 mm wide
2 pairs small gaiter hooks

2 rectangles of fabric.
Large 520 x 230
Medium 480 x 210

Clips on the seam
Sewing the seam

2 lengths elastic
Large 300 mm
Medium 270 mm

On long edge stitch elastic from inside the 25 mm seam at each end of material centre of elastic 22 mm from edge.

Sew the ends of the elastic

Then stretch material then sew ⅓ down width of elastic.

Sew fully stretched

Fold 15 mm seam over elastic and stretch material and sew ⅔ down width of elastic. Then sew again down seam edge still stretched.

Repeat for other long edge.


Cut length of touch and close fastener same length as short side. Sew hooks on inside one end and loops on outside other end.

Cut 2 lengths elastic 150 mm. For under foot
Sew at right angles on bottom long edge.
Large 120 mm from each end
Medium 100 mm from each end

Sew the under foot elastic

Sew gaiter hook on inside of bottom at loop closure end on same long side as the under foot elastic.

Sew on the gaiter hook

Finished gaiters should be worn inside the waterproof trousers and outside the shoe.

Finished gaiters
Finished gaiters 
Finished gaiters


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