Flowers in the Colombian Tayrona National Park

We walked for four days in the Tayrona National Park on the Caribbean coast in Colombia. It was teaming with flowers and as usual I took hundreds of plant photos. I have put a few of them here.

Angel’s Trumpet – Brugmansia arboreal -a powerful hallucinogenic plant, the effects can last for over 16 hours, was used as a tea by the indigenous people in the forest.

Now the Angels Trumpet is sometimes used in the towns to rob unwary tourists. Our guide told us a tale of when one member of his tour group, from Holland, secretly made a tea from the plant. His halucinations were so bad they had to tie him to his bed for twelve hours and he nearly died.

Rattle Snake Plant – Calathea crotalifera
Red Passion Flower – Passiflora sp – We found these flowers almost under our feet growing through the undergrowth

I took pictures of so many plants, as usual, so I have just added a gallery below. Some of them will be familiar to people in the UK as small pot plants.p1020067p1010270p1010289p1010352p1010934p1010917p1010922p1010969p1010971p1010977p1010996p1020007p1020016p1020020p1020023p1020243


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