Iceland on the way to Calgary

We spent a couple of nights in Reykjavik on the way to Calgary. For a change we decided to leave our bikes packed and take a Super Jeep Tour to Landmannalauger and the Saga valley stopping off at several waterfalls, lava fields, hot springs and Mt. Hekla.

We are not really used to being reliant on other people so it was a bit frustrating when the jeep forgot to pick us up, but once we got going our wonderful Icelandic guide made up for that. The scenery is just mind blowing. We had an unusually sunny day so we were able to see for miles and the normally ferocious wind was light.

Exploring some Icelandic lava fields
We headed off in a fat tyre truck tour around the Saga Valley, Iceland
Once we left the tarmac and set off across the lava dust road our guide let down the massive balloon tyres and we rolled effortlessly across the black, green, red and brown landscape, across fast flowing rivers and late lying snow.
Ugly Puddle
We visited a massive crater and lake whose name translates to ‘Ugly Puddle’. It was stunning.
Walking through the lava fields at Landmannalauger
We passed steaming vents of sulphur
Icelandic Troll
Apparently half the population of Iceland believe in elves and trolls. I think this might be an Icelandic Troll
We spent a relaxing afternoon floating in a hot spring. It was a bit surreal, floating in a steaming stream, in a lush green field, surrounded by snow covered lava mountains while having a political discussion with a group of East Germans.
It doesn’t get dark here at this time of year until about 10.30 pm so we had plenty of time to visit the Thieves Waterfall where they used to hurl thieves in Viking times.
Acres of Lupins
Acres of Lupins. These have become a problem here. They were introduced as a good plant that would grow on the lava fields, but like all introduced species world over they have taken over and become invasive.